5 Winter Styling Tips

Winter is one of the best seasons to focus on the interior of your home, as you'll be spending more time than ever indoors. Finding the balance between cozy and chaotic can be a challenging task, so here's 5 tips for styling your home this Winter. 


Do you love the idea of decluttering but find it too hard to let go of things? Maybe you find yourself making a start but every time you pick something up you think ‘it’s too good for the op shop’ then put it down again? If this sounds familiar, our staff at Meier Paul suggest a Gifting Party might be just the thing to get you (and your friends!) inspired to declutter...

Women and Property

Last month on International Women’s Day, the 8th March, CoreLogic launched its Women and Property: State of Play report. The report found, across Australia, men had a higher rate of property ownership as of January 2021.

7 Tips for Styling your Home for Sale Chelsea Meyer, Interior Designer

Use the time of your open inspection to your advantage. If it’s morning brew some coffee or tea, and opt for cool tones to play off the natural light throughout the house. A late afternoon setting may include a bottle of wine, electric fire, and warmer tones to suite the colour of the sun. It’s all about using what you have to show your home in the best possible light. [...]

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