Winter is one of the best seasons to focus on the interior of your home, as you’ll be spending more time than ever indoors. Finding the balance between cozy and chaotic can be a challenging task, so here’s 5 tips for styling your home this Winter.


Treat your home like your wardrobe in Winter and add layers! If your sofa usually showcases a single throw blanket. Try adding an additional throw or large blanket underneath to add volume and softness. This creates texture and interest, especially if they are different colours. A golden rule in the bedrooms is adding a hidden layer. Under the sheets and one on top as well to add that visual ‘plumpness’ you see in cozy and relaxing spaces.


The beauty of Winter is often found in the textures and soft colours of the elements. Instead of focusing on colours and patterns, look for bold textures instead! Chunky loop throws have always been an obvious go-to. For something different try exploring an intricate basket weave, earthy clay textured vase, or even a feathery indoor fern. Texture can be added into the kitchen and dining area too. Try introducing cloth napkins, rattan placemats or even new textured or speckled mugs for those warm drinks.


We’d all love to have a roaring wood fire 24/7 through the Winter but there are other (more permanent) solutions to adding that visual ‘warmth’ in your home. Pay attention to the colour of your lighting; is it cold and sterile or warm and welcoming? Winter is a great opportunity to get familiar with your home again and make subtle changes that make a huge difference. Replacing light bulbs is an easy way to change the mood and cost effective too! If your bright LED’s are washing out your relaxing space, layer in additional lighting. Add a warm floor lamp, feature table lamp or finally install that cozy dimmer switch you’ve been thinking about!


Looking for a small change that makes a big impact? Windows are perfect for making a statement and creating that effortless charm. Install sheer drapes to soften your window frames and allow more diffused light into the room. You can upgrade existing curtains by installing double rails to allow for both blackout curtains during Summer and sheers for Winter. Install rails higher and wider than the window frames to make the windows appear larger and allow the maximum amount of natural light inside.


If you are in need of a bold change this Winter your hero will be the use of contrast! Winter’s colour palette is pretty conservative and muted but the key is using the brightest and darkest hues together. Stark whites or tans stand out beautifully beside moody greys and hunter greens! Choosing two colours that create a contrast sets the groundwork for adding layers, new textures and that all important functional mood lighting. Enjoy your cozy spaces this Winter and make them your own!

By Chelsea Meyer