7 Tips for Styling your Home for Sale Chelsea Meyer, Interior Designer Studio S2 Architects

1. SET THE SCENE Use the time of your open inspection to your advantage. E.g. If it’s morning brew some coffee or tea.

2. FRESHEN UP THE BASICS E.g Replace blown light bulbs, fix that loose handle, and refill the tissue boxes

3. SOFTEN UP E.g Modern décor is chic, but it can be hard and cold. Fluff up some extra pillows for the bedroom, drape a throw rug.

4. SCALE UP YOUR ACCESSORIES E.g Feeling comfortable in a room is largely dependent on scale. Choose a few accessories that vary in scale i.e. large rug, mantle candlesticks, and small greenery or light fixture.

5. SPACE SELLS E.g! There are a few tricks to creating more space. Bring in an oversize mirror to place in a small hallway or bathroom, turn on all your lights to help reflect light onto the ceiling

6. HERE’S WHAT YOU’RE MISSING E.g It can’t be said enough, place some fresh floral and greenery around your home. If green is not your colour, you can opt for vibrant citrus or a bowl of pomegranate.

7. FIRST IMPRESSIONS E.g We all judge a house by the curb appeal. When in doubt, clear it out.